IX International Conference on Computational Heat and Mass Transfer


23-26 May 2016, Cracow, Poland
under the Honorary Patronage of Jacek Majchrowski, Mayor of the City of Cracow


Tradition is that the engineers and scientists come together to share experiences every two years on the international conference. Great need to organize a meeting before, disturbed the existing trend. In 2016 we fell the honour of organizing the conference in Cracow, Poland. We hope that this meeting will be productive not only for the exchange of experiences, ideas and changes in methods and applications computational in the topics of fluid dynamics and heat and mass transfer, but also will be a good opportunity for young engineers and scientists to learn about new trends in computational methods.

Important dates:
Registration opened from: 1 August 2015
One page abstract due date: 30 Nov 2015
Notice of acceptance due date: 1 Dec 2015
Full paper submission: 30 Jan 2016
Final paper acceptance: 1 Mar 2016
Conference period: 23-26 May 2016
Registration fees (before 1 April 2016 ):
Regular: 470 EURO (2000 PLN)
PhD Student: 330 EURO (1400 PLN)
Registration fees (after 1 April 2016 ):
Regular: 550 EURO (2300 PLN)
PhD Student: 400 EURO (1700 PLN)
Accompanying person fee: 250 EURO (1100 PLN)


ICCHMT chair
Prof. A. A. Mohamad
University of Calgary
Calgary, AB, Canada
ICCHMT Local chair
Prof. J. Taler
Cracow Univesity of Technology
Cracow, Poland
ICCHMT European chair
Prof. A. C. Benim
Düesseldorf University of Applied Sciences
Düsseldorf, Germany

Conference history

1999 – Magusa, Cyprus
2001 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2003 – Banff, Canada
2005 – Paris, France
2007 – Canmore, Canada
2009 – Guangzhou, China
2011 – Istanbul, Turkey
2015 – Istanbul, Turkey
2016 – Cracow, Poland


Topics of the conferences are, but not limited to, the following:
  • Discrete Methods
  • Lattice Boltzmann Method
  • Molecular Dynamic Simulations
  • Monte Carlo Method
  • Cellular Automata
  • Recent developments on Navier Stokes
  • Equations solvers
  • Validation of computational methods
  • Multi-phases, gas-liquid, liquid-solid, etc.
  • Solidification and melting
  • Complex chemical reaction modeling
  • Reactive Flows and Combustion
  • Internal Flow and Heat Transfer
  • Double diffusive convection
  • Microgravity Sciences and Processes
  • Porous media heat transfer
  • Enchanced heat transfer
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Steam and Gas Turbines


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